Suunto D5 Wrist Computer with USB Cable

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Suunto D5 Dive Computer Watch is designed to be so clear and easy-to-use that you can just enjoy and focus on exploring the wonderful underwater world. Play with style by changing the strap to match your looks. After diving, connect wirelessly to the Suunto App to re-live and share your adventures with friends.

Easy-to-use user interface with clear color screen:
The Suunto D5 color screen displays everything you need to know on a dive. Depth and time are prominent with a switchable window at the bottom where the user can scroll through their NDL, tank pressure, compass heading and timer; these are also displayed around the face in a graphical form. Scroll through the switchable window using the lower pusher, and change the view using the middle pusher. The intuitive 3-button menu logic, known from Suuntos EON Steel and Core makes using the Suunto D5 effortless underwater. The color screen is a MIP display with adjustable LED back-light.

Wireless transfer of dive logs to the new Suunto App:
After the dive you can transfer your dives to the Suunto App over the wireless Bluetooth connection with a mobile device. You can then re-live and share your adventures with friends.
The Suunto D5 is also compatible with the Suunto Tank POD. You can connect wirelessly with up to 3 Suunto Tank PODs to display tank and gas information during the dive.

Suunto D5 Key Benefits:
Ease of use and customization.
Clear color screen.
Connect wirelessly to the Suunto App to re-live your dives, add photos and share your adventures with friends.
Change the strap easily to match your diving gear or casual style.

Suunto D5 Key Features:
Modes - Air/Nitrox/Free/Gauge/Watch
Water resistance 100 metres (328 ft)
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Suunto Tank Pod Transmitter Sold Seperately


 Basic Diving Functions

  • Maximum operating depth (EN 13319): 100 m / 328 ft (EN 13319, ISO 6425)
  • Nitrox (and air): Yes
  • Freedive: Yes
  • Gauge: Yes
  • Dive time: 0 to 999 min
  • Surface time: 0 to 100 h
  • No fly time: Yes
  • Safety Stop: Yes
  • Deep Stop: Yes
  • Ascent time display: 0 - 999 min ( > after 999)
  • CNS/OTU (OLF) calculation: Yes
  • Gas time: Yes
  • Gas consumption (real-time): Yes
  • Custom displays: 4 per dive mode
  • Visual style: Graphical
  • Personal adjustment: P+2, P+1, P0, P-1, P-2
  • Altitude adjustment: 0 - 300 m / 300 -1500 m / 1500 - 3000 m
  • Gases: up to 3 gases (Oxygen 21 - 99%)
  • Gas max pO2: 1.6
  • No-decompression planner: Yes
  • Logbook bookmarks: Yes
  • Decompression model: Suunto Fused™ RGBM 2
  • Wireless air integration: optional (up to 3 different tanks with Suunto Tank POD)

Dive Alarms and Notifications

  • Dive time: Yes
  • Maximum depth: Yes
  • Tank pressure: Yes
  • Gas time: Yes
  • High pO2 (hyperoxic): Yes
  • Too fast ascent: Yes
  • Decompression ceiling violation: Yes
  • Deepstop violation: Yes
  • CNS/OTU (OLF) 80% / 100%: Yes
  • Switch gas (better gas is available): Yes

Tissue Calculation Model

  • Suunto Fused RGBM 2 algorithm (developed by Suunto and Bruce R. Wienke, BSc, MSc, PhD)
  • 15 tissue compartments
  • Tissue compartment halftimes for nitrogen: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 120, 160, 240, 320, 400, 480, 560 and 720 min. The on-gassing and off-gassing halftimes are the same.
  • Tissue compartment halftimes are divided by a constant factor to obtain helium halftimes
  • Reduced gradient (variable) M-values based on diving habit and dive violations. The M-values are tracked up to 100 hours after a dive
  • The exposure calculations (CNS% and OTU) are based on recommendations by R.W. Hamilton, PhD and currently accepted exposure time limit tables and principles


  • Freedive number: Yes
  • Freedive day history: Yes
  • Freedive total history: lifetime
  • Depth notify: yes (5)
  • Dive time alarm: Yes
  • Depth alarm: Yes
  • Surface time notify: Yes


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