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FreeDiving and Snorkeling fins are designed to help improve your propulsion and control in the water. Because there are so many applications for diving fins, there is a huge range of options out there for divers. First and foremost, you want your fins to fit properly both on your foot and around the ankle, allowing for proper ankle flexibility. Second, you want your dive fin to be durable. That’s why we don’t stock cheap plastic fins like most big-box stores. We stock high-quality, dive-tested, American-made fins for kids, adults, and divers of all skill levels. As a PADI 5 Star certified facility, Atlantic Pro Divers is proud to stock the highest-quality dive fins for scuba and snorkeling. We offer plenty of Atomic fins (a very popular manufacturer), including the Atomic X fin, Atomic BladeFin, and Atomic full-foot fin. We also stock Mares dive fins, made by another quality manufacturer. Whether you’re just starting out in scuba or going snorkeling vacation, or you’re getting ready for a challenging open-water scuba dive, buy swim fins from the best. Shop with Atlantic Pro Divers.