Bare 5/3MM Ultrawarmth Hooded Vest Mens

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Take your wetsuit system to a new level of warmth. Soft, high-loft Celliant technology in the fabric throughout helps conserve lost body heat and accelerates thermal recovery. 5/3mm attached 5mm vented hood with 3mm skin-in face seal. Double glued and blind stitched seams mean you'll get seasons of reliable use from the Bare 5/3mm Ultrawarmth Hooded Vest. Secure-lock construction improves isolation and reduces flushing keeping you warmer and diving longer. Bare's GEN2 hood vent allows trapped air to escape without letting water enter. Mask strap grip pad on the back of the hood secures your mask strap in place. Now what makes them so warm you ask? 5mm neoprene with low-loft Celliant technology in the inner fabric is the answer.

Conserving your energy in the water is essential to achieving your warmest, most comfortable dives. But when heat escapes your body, you lose more than 60 percent of your energy. Ultrawarmth Celliant Technology converts your body heat into thermal energy before it escapes and reflects it back to your body, so you can maintain your optimal body temperature. Ultrawarmth Celliant Technology has been scientifically-proven and determined by the FDA to provide thermal energy, increase endurance, and speed up recovery. All Ultrawarmth products, accessories and wetsuits have Ultrawarmth technology embedded in the fabric of the material. Ultrawarmth Celliant Technology uses 13-thermo reactive minerals embedded in the fabric of the material to convert wasted body heat into thermal energy and reflect it back to your body. This process improves circulation and temperature regulation for a warmer, more comfortable dive, and more time in the water. Infrared energy boosts the flow of blood to your body's tissue, elevation oxygen levels, increasing warmth and improving stamina. Keep your thermostat just how you like it. The circulatory system is also the body's heating and cooling regulator. By optimizing blood flow, Celliant makes it easier for the body to maintain its ideal temperature keeping you warm and diving longer.

Cells grow stronger, so does your diving. The infrared energy created by Celliant stimulates cell performance and regeneration, while the increased circulation nourishes the cells with higher levels of oxygen, further promoting cell health. Enhanced cell function means your stamina and endurance are amplified. Hooded Vest is black in color and available in multiple sizes.

  • Take Your Wetsuit System to New Level of Warmth
  • High Loft Celliant Inner Fabric
  • Double Glued and Blind Stitched Seams
  • 5mm Nylon & Celliant Lined Neoprene Rubber
  • Secure-Lock Construction Improves Isolation and Reduces Flushing
  • Keeps You Warmer and Diving Longer
  • 3mm Skin-In Face Seal
  • Bare's GEN2 Hood Vent Allows Trapped Air to Escape w/o Letting Water Enter
  • Mask Strap Grip Pad: Secures Mask Strap In-Place
  • Celliant Fabric Liner:
    Highest Degree of Warmth
    Enhanced with 13 Thermo-Reactive Minerals Woven into Fabric
    React to Body Heat Converting it to Infrared Energy
    Reflects it Back to Body, Increasing Circulation and Body Warmth
  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • Color: Black