PADI Wreck Diver Specialty Course

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Who should take this course?

Wreck diving is an exciting way to combine your passion for diving with a truly unusual view of history. With wreck diving sites dotted around the globe, there's an almost infinite supply of places to visit to indulge in this fascinating experience. However, the first step is learning the details of how to safely explore wreck dive sites.

PADI's Wreck Diver course is one of the most popular specialty courses available. It offers divers everything they need to expand their diving capabilities to include explorations of sunken ships, planes and automobiles. Beyond teaching key safety measures, the wreck diver course also helps you learn to identify interesting aspects of wrecks that might not be obvious to the untrained eye. It all adds up to a better, more interesting dive experiences.

What will you learn?

During the wreck course, you'll receive instruction and practical guidance that will teach you:

  • Ways to avoid common hazards associated with diving and exploring shipwrecks
  • Special equipment considerations for wreck scuba diving
  • Techniques for entering intact wrecks
  • The best methods for researching potential wreck site visits and dives

    To take the wreck diver course, you'll need to have several dives under your weight belt. If you meet the 15 year old age requirement and have completed the PADI Adventure Diver certification, you can enroll in the course.

    In the PADI Wreck Diver Course, you'll learn about wreck diving equipment needs, techniques for entering wreck show to plan and organize a wreck dive, and ways to avoid disturbing the wreck and its inhabitants, all under the supervision of a PADI Instructor.


Flexible Schedule
Military Discounts

Once you purchase your Master Diver course you will choose which five specialty ratings to wish to complete.
Scuba gear rentals and boat fees are NOT INCLUDED but may be rented at a discount as a student from our shop.

Must be in good health and certified as a PADI

The following equipment is recommended for all certified divers:

BCD with low pressure inflator system
Single hose regulator with alternate air source device
Submersible pressure gauge
Dive Computer
Dive knife or tool
Audible surface signaling device (whistle or other noise maker)
Visible surface signaling device (tube or mirror)
Underwater signaling device
Pencil and underwater slate
Underwater lights (primary and secondary)
Pocket mask & non-rebreather mask