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Scuba Gear Accessories

Just like the needs of an astronaut, scuba diving is a unique sport in that it requires life support equipment. That's why our experienced Atlantic PRO Dive team spends much of their time performing evaluations & factory trained service on the world's best SCUBA gear. Your life depends on your essential dive gear, and our job is to help you find the BEST dive gear at the BEST price. But the dive experience encompasses more than mere survival. Diving is a LIFESTYLE — it's supposed to be FUN. So we went in search of the must-have dive accessories — toys, tools and more — that help you enjoy the overall scuba diving experience. We are all PADI Elite SCUBA Instructors with thousands of dives and we all know the most accessories for your style of diving. Not sure or have a question? Just call us as we love helping our valued customers with expert advice on scuba gear selection.


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