Sherwood Vision Air Integrated Dive Computer

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The Vision Computer with Quick Disconnect Hose is a new, innovative console computer by Sherwood. New levels of sophistication and technology allow this air-integrated console computer to stand alone in a sea of outdated and feature lacking dive computers. The Vision incorporates a 3-button design that delivers everything recreational or technical divers could ever need. It allows you 4 gases all the way up to 100% oxygen for unmatched enriched air diving.

You will find the newly incorporated 2-D digital compass and air-integration display extremely convenient, allowing you to ditch those extra gauges on your console. The vision allows for 3 dive modes: air, nitrox or gauge to make sure that no matter what type of diving you decide to do, you are covered. The Vision also features an automatic altitude adjustment up to 14,000' (4,267 meters). No more conversions, just drive up the mountain to your favorite lake and you ready to get wet!

On top of all the great new features of the Sherwood Vision it still features many familiar and necessary qualities. The screen displays dive time remaining, NDL, maximum depth, current depth, and surface interval time. Additionally you can refer back to 110 dives with the computers extensive memory bank. Other features include: Pre-dive planning and repetitive-dive planning, which allow you to walk through your planned profiles before beginning your dive. This is convenient if you ever use the computer in gauge mode. DECO and dive stop warnings (audio and visual) assist you in safe diving practice and optimal nitrogen unloading.

Air Time Remaining:
The Air Time Remaining (ATR) feature calculates current depth, tank pressure, your breathing rate, ascent time, and decompression status to tell you exactly how much time you can remain underwater. The Vision Dive Computer continually displays air time remaining via a numerical bar graph in addition to cylinder pressure. You may also display air time remaining in oversized digits at any time with the press of a button.

Dive Time Remaining:
Dive Time Remaining (DTR), like Air Time Remaining provides a 'real" number in minutes. This calculation combines nitrogen and oxygen absorption, displaying whichever allows less time. Displayed as DTR on the No Deco Main Screen, the graphic NDC, or OTR will identify which time is being displayed. NDC is the maximum amount of time that you can stay at your present depth before entering decompression. During nitrox operations oxygen accumulation during a dive or a 24 hour period, is displayed as a percent of oxygen saturation allowed per dive or per day.

Is it a good idea to check your computer before entering the water? You bet could you forget to activate your computer? Sure, the Vision features push-button or automatic activation, triggered by water contact. A benefit of push-button activation is easily verifying operation and cylinder pressure, but in case you forget, or simply choose not to activate your computer, it can be as simple as jumping in the water.

The Vision Computer uses a modified Haldanean based Pelagic DSAT algorithm, with no decompression limits closely following the PADI RDP, decompression in agreement with Bulhmann ZHL-16c and French MN90. Computer provides a depth display from 0' to 399' (0 to 120 meters) in gauge mode and 0' to 330' (100 meters) in normal mode. Tank pressure is displayed from 0 to 5,000 psi (0 to 350 bars). The computer can display imperial or metric measurements and is powered by a 3-volt CR2450 Lithium user replaceable battery. Computer is equipped with backlighting for night and low light conditions. The Vision has a 24 dive log book, so if you're on an extended dive vacation you can log your dives back at home.

No matter where or how you dive, the new Sherwood Vision can keep you safe and informed with new, innovative technology and a simplistic menu system. Get ready for easy diving with the Sherwood Vision Console Computer with Quick Disconnect 7/16" threaded Hose. Computer is compatible with both PC and Mac computers for downloading dive log via the supplied USB cable. Computer comes with a compressive owner's manual and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

Sherwood Vision Computer with QD Hose

  • Sherwood Vision Computer with QD Hose:
  • Complete Instrumentation Console
  • New Levels of Sophistication and Technology
  • 3-Button Design
  • Innovative Console Computer from Sherwood
  • 3-Modes: Air, Nitrox and Gauge
  • 4 Gases All Up to 100% Oxygen
  • Unmatched Enriched Air Diving
  • 2-D Digital Compass
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment Up to 14,000' (4,267 meters)
  • Air Time Remaining (ATR):
    Calculates Current Depth, Tank Pressure, Breathing Rate, Ascent Time, and Decompression Status
    Tells Exact Time Diver Can Remain Underwater
    Displays ATR via Numerical Bar Graph
    Display ATR in Oversized Digits
  • Dive Time Remaining (DTR):
    Provides a 'Real" Number in Minutes
    Calculation Combines Nitrogen and Oxygen Absorption
    Displaying Whichever Allows Less Time
    Graphic NDC, or OTR Will Identify Which Time is Being Displayed
    NDC Maximum Amount of Time at Present Depth before Entering Decompression
  • Push-Button or Automatic Activation
  • Algorithms:
    Modified Haldanean Based Pelagic DSAT
    Decompression Limits Closely Follow PADI RDP
    Decompression in Agreement with Bulhmann ZHL-16c and French MN90
  • Depth Display:
    Normal Mode: 0' to 330' (100 meters)
    Gauge Mode: 0' to 399' (0 to 120 meters)
  • Pressure Display: 0 to 5,000 psi (0 to 350 bars)
  • Imperial or Metric Measurements
  • Power: 3-Volt CR2450 Lithium Battery User Replaceable
  • Backlighting for Night and Low Light Conditions
  • 24 Dive Log Book
  • 110 Dives Extensive Memory Bank
  • Pre-Dive and Repetitive-Dive Planning
  • DECO and Dive Safety Stop Warnings (audio and visual)
  • Deep Stop Reminder for Dives Over 80' (24.4 meters)
  • Quick Disconnect (QD) Hose:
    QD: Safely Remove Computer for Storage
    QD: Easy to Log and Download Dive Information while Not Attached to Regulator
  • USB Download Cable Included
  • Compatible with PC and Mac Computers
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

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