XS Scuba Brass 2nd Stage Quick Disconnect AC990

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XS Scuba AC990 Second Stage Quick Disconnect Features

  • XS Scuba Second Stage Quick Disconnect
  • Allows Attachment of Multiple Second Stages to Single Hose
  • Chromed Brass Construction
  • Easy to Install
  • Low Pressure Only - Below 200 psi (13.8 bars)
  • Factory Cleaned - Viton O-Ring

When you swap out Second Stage Regulators and are changing them out with a wrench any Repair Technician can tell you if it is not done correctly you can actually De-Tune your Regulator and not even know it! The Second Stage Regulators Critical Valve Seats usually seals against the Second Stage Inlet Fitting. This fitting can be accidentally turned if you do not first place the appropriate wrench on its wrench flats before turning the hose fitting with another wrench. Failure to use two wrenches when removing a hose can drastically change the valves Opening Effort, rendering the Second Stage Useless for Safe Diving.

XS Scuba's Second Stage Hose QD can eliminate this problem. The complete QD is required for one set up, but if you have multiple second stages you will need one Female Coupling (included) connected to your Hose and multiple Male Fittings for each of your additional second stages, so you can plug them into your Hose Female Coupling. This QD Fitting allows attachment of another second stage regulator to a single hose. QD is manufactured from Durable Chrome Plated Brass for Low Maintenance and Long Life. Coupling is Factory Cleaned and has Viton O-rings, and is designed for Low Pressure Only below 200 psi (13.8 bars).

Add a quick-disconnect to most regulators or full face mask Installs between low pressure regulator hose and second stage Lock-down screw to prevent accidental disconnection Chromed brass construction Low pressure use only - below 200 psi • Factory cleaned - Viton o-ring Brass 2nd Stage QD - Male Only Male quick-disconnect of the AC990 Install on multiple second stage regulator for quick swaps p/n AC990